Right again-Anon info:Soros,Pelosi, Ruth,Pence, Clinton,Bush,Funeral, Executions./Tesla plate

(Thanks, Laura)

Apr 2, 2019

Soros is executed, Ruth is dead-Anon confirms Utsava’s prophecies-Learn more about the Bush senior funeral, what was on the cards, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Julian Assange, Ruth Ginsburg and more. Learn more about the Tesla Purple Energy plates. # WWG1WGA. How to order the Original EIP Tesla positive energy plate: __________________________________________________________________ If you have been scammed by purpleplates: Where to file complaints against Purpleplates.com for using the EIP logo without permission: Where to buy Cryptocurrencies: Join me on Twitter: [email protected] If you want to book a psychic reading please prepay and contact me for setting the appointment: Website: www.utsava.net Join me at the Patreon: Join me on Instagram and view my personal Alien activity photos: Join me on steemit: steemit.com/@democracylesson Older predictions: Join me on Vimeo: