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Science and Technology

Definition: Science is the knowledge attained through study or practice; the knowledge covering general truths of the operation of general laws, especially those obtained and tested through scientific method and concerned with the physical world.  As a system of acquiring knowledge, science uses observation and experimentation to describe and explain natural phenomena, thus providing useful models for our reality.

There are so many fields of science, that I have used this category as a catch all for anything that has a scientific basis.  But I have also tossed in technology, as this requires the scientific creation and use of tools, machines, techniques, systems, and methods to solve problems or perform specific functions. 

We are right at the commencement of suppressed inventions and technologies being lifted due to this new Golden Age. Science and Technology will astound us in the very near future, presenting us with every sort of solution for a better, cleaner, more peaceful and Earth friendly way of living and performing daily tasks.  It is imperative that we begin to see Planet Earth as a living breathing Being that deserves our respect and our willingness to accommodate her, instead of using her at our beck and call or ignoring her survival needs.  Her blood is our oil, her liver is our coal, her lungs are our trees, her kidneys are our oceans, and her hair is our plants.  Is it really that difficult to see that she is alive and therefore needs clean water, clean air, and clean oxygen to breathe just like any other living thing?

You don’t have to look far to see how much damage we have done to this planet due to our lackadaisical and apathetic demeanor.  The solutions to a better world and a cleaner earth are found in new technologies and being released slowly but surely! It is time for humanity to develop a more holistic modus operandi in which to exist WITHOUT ignoring the needs of the planet we live on.  

So enjoy the various links below which will vary greatly but have something to offer in the way of you acquiring knowledge through scientific principles and approach.

MSM and the FBI Now Attending to the Mysterious Booms Heard in Pennsylvania and Elsewhere [w/VIDEO]

SecureTeamZerohedge Things Just Took A Major Turn.. May 23, 2018 For as little as 1$ monthly, become a Patron & support our strange little channel: X-Files pics: ➨E-mail me your ideas &...

“Planet Nine, SHOW Thyself” – Scientists zeroing in on ‘Planet X’ [VIDEO]

MrMBB333 "Planet Nine, SHOW Thyself" - Scientists zeroing in on 'Planet X' May 23, 2018 May 23 2018: Is the BIG Planet Nine about to reveal itself lurking just beyond Neptune? They say their getting close!

Tiny Crystals In Our Brain Could Unlock Psychic Powers [VIDEO]

Gaia Tiny Crystals In Our Brain Could Unlock Psychic Powers May 21, 2018 We know that earth’s magnetic fields affect everything from our mood to our ability to learn. Even stranger, research has begun to provide links between the electromagnetic field...

Alien beams fill Norway sky – “Nobody knew what they were at first” [VIDEO]

MrMBB333 Alien beams fill Norway sky - "Nobody knew what they were at first" May 23, 2018 May 23, 2018: Rare Anti Solar Arcs spotted from multiple locations in Norway on May 21, 2018. Yet another example of bizarre "earthshine" this time taken from...


CollectiveEvolution WE’RE GOING BACK! CHINA TO BECOME THE FIRST NATION TO LAND ON THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON ARJUN WALIA MAY 22, 2018 China is set to do something no other nation has done, and that’s land on the far side of the moon. This year, they...

FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Linda Moulton Howe : THE Interview From AI to UFOs [AUDIO]

FadeToBlackRadio Ep. 860 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Linda Moulton Howe : THE Interview From AI to UFOs : LIVE May 23, 2018 Check out our LIVE show, Mon-Thursday 7pm PST at LMH and THE Interview... tonight we are doing...

Wal Thornhill: Future Science [VIDEO]

ThunderboltsProject Wal Thornhill: Future Science | EU2017 May 17, 2018 EU2017: Future Science -- Rebroadcast—only $29: Goodbye big bang and the mathematical nonsense masquerading as modern science. The future is a...

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