It’s been about three months or more, I think, since we began using our “smart water” from the Energizer and Alkalizer pitcher and Dr. Presser continues to forward many positive testimonials from folks using various Keshe Foundation products so I’m doing an update to cover all of that.

At the end I included some background on Dr. Presser for those who are not familiar with him. I have known Richard a long time and worked with him and vouch for his character and knowledge base, for what that’s worth.

Several Starship Earth readers have communicated directly with Richard both via email and telephone and have very positive things to say about those interactions.

As for me, I have no health issues so I had no significant expectations for the consumption of my smart water and nothing to report but continued good health. Although I don’t sleep the best, I have plenty of energy to last through the day most days.

It was interesting to hear from Richard that the research reveals plasma water, like many sublingual remedies, works better if we retain it in our mouth and swirl it around for a few minutes before swallowing so I try to do that while I state my intention.

Mica the dog loves his ice-cold smart water and seems to drink more than ever, even though it’s not 110 degrees outside. His immuno-food sensitivity issues seem to have resolved for the most part and he’s very energetic and happy—yet calmer when it’s time to chill. The incessant, obsessive itching and scratching has abated.

To be fair, I can’t stand to see my Golden Angel suffer so I have been experimenting with a few dietary products these past few months. Actually, I’ve never stopped in two years. I’ve changed his food AGAIN, and added probiotics and hormone support from Dr. Mercola so I don’t want to declare the improvement is entirely due to the plasma water. I know it certainly doesn’t hurt, but there was almost no dog food I could give him—even prescription “hypo-allergenic” formulae—that he didn’t react negatively to, so there could have been some healing taking place.

I believe Mica’s immune system was destroyed through over-vaccination, and after a severe pain issue the vet diagnosed him as having Valley Fever. It can manifest in many ways; severe, or almost no symptoms at all. He has been on meds so long he thinks bananas have a blue core, but every time we have a re-test they say he’s still testing positive, but in the lowest percentile.

I must say I wonder if he will ever test negative again, as we’re told many dogs are on that blasted Fluconazole for life. Do they just use the fear porn to support Big Pharma and tell us if we don’t give him these drugs he could die? I’m not a fan of Russian roulette and he’s due for his 6 month recheck so we’ll see how it goes.

My mother is 91 now and she began using her pitcher of plasma water in December. She continues to live independently, loves to get out for walks every day the Canadian weather permits, and is of sound mind and body. Her younger sister suffers from unknown issues as well as heart problems and has severe deficits of energy so we are hopeful her smart water will improve her condition.

Many folks with severe health issues and chronic pain have found relief with various Keshe products—some most remarkable—and share their experiences freely as follows in these cut-and-pastes from Richard’s email updates all his customers get.

There can be things that block healing in some of us, so the products don’t work for everyone, but they do for most. Some reports may sound like magic is at work. It’s not really magic… it’s just that we’ve been lied to about how our reality works—but we’re learning fast!

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We can’t stress enough the process of intention in everything we do, every day. We are Creator Godlets and to a large degree, we get what we expect. Live with intention and see how your thoughts shape your reality. Dr. Presser’s most recent update underscores this.

The Keshe Foundation has released a document entitled Field Interaction – The Soul, Emotions and Intention, which discusses the nature of the plasma, the nature of our body and soul and how this bears on how we interact with the plasma and devices that utilise the plasma.

Whilst I don’t agree with every last word, I do think its essence is very much on track and the understandings you can gain from it as a user of these products and technology are very valuable. It underlines the importance of our intention in in everything we do, including achieving positive outcomes from using these products.

You can download it .

Richard writes…

I get so excited when people send me their success stories with the Keshe Foundation Pain Pen.

Here is a recent one:

My father, age 94, had a terrible pain in his big toe. I used the Pen and after about 45 seconds, the pain was gone.  After 24 hours the pain remained gone! Awesome!  Now getting the Pad for his shoulder, so it will be easier for him to apply to the area.   What a blessing!

*   *   *

And this amazing one:

Dear Dr. Presser,

I would like to share my experience with the Keshe Pain Pen.

I am male, and sixty-five years old.

I first used it on my stubbed big toe, which had occurred a week before. It was black & blue, as was the nail, and accompanied by the usual pain. In the two hours before I went to sleep, I used it three or four times, always less than a minute.

The next morning, my toe was a healthy pinkish-brown colour again. The nail, still being black, will probably be renewed in time. The pain had disappeared, like magic.

All the toes in my right foot (and three in the left), had been broken in five different accidents, with the big toe fractured three times. None of these were treated or corrected in the hospitals, as I had also incurred other, more serious injuries. All toes on my right foot were out of alignment, which – over the years – resulted in a crippled foot. This was further aggravated by driving my car every day.

During one week, I put the Pain Pen to use, three or four times, every time for a minute or two. I did this just before going to bed, in the following way: Slowly moving the Pain Pen over all the toes – from left to right, then again across the whole foot – right to left. This was repeated maybe seven or eight times.

One morning I woke up and, to my utter amazement, my toes had straightened out and I could stand and walk without any remaining pain!

In some of my accidents, I sustained major damages to my knees, and more than once an operation was recommended to make my joints function better and to alleviate the pain. Because of my background in Natural Healing, I always rejected such a suggestion. As a result, however, I have suffered for many years from Osteoarthritis and the accompanying pain.

After employing the Pain Pen three or four times a week for about a month, my knees are practically pain-free. This was accomplished by slowly rotating the device around the knee cap, clockwise, for about two minutes; then encircling the other knee, the same way, for the same time. I always did this as the last thing of the day – just before taking rest. That way, the body has plenty of time to heal!

Now I just use the Pen once or twice a week – only when I need it. Sometimes there is a little pain because of “wear and tear”.

Once learned and accustomed how to use the Pain Pen for a particular application, it can be a powerful tool!

With Kind Regards,

Elmar Symczek   


Pretty amazing, I think you’ll agree.

You can download a full list of my customer testimonials for the Pain Pen  and .

 both the Pain Pen and the Pain Pad.

To order your Pain Pen, simply click on the store below that covers your area.


Kind Regards,
Dr. Richard Presser


A most extraordinary case:

When I launched the GANS Pack with Health Protocols, I included a segment on  on the story of the amazing healing of Naomi Lapadula by her father Giovanni. Since then, I have become aware of more of her story, and I decided to make a short video that shares the story of not only her amazing brain injury healing but also the healing of her broken bones, in some cases inoperably broken, which were also aided in their repair using the extraordinary plasma technology introduced to the world by Mehran Keshe.

Click on  to access this video. I feel it will help you appreciate the almost limitless potential of this technology to help our bodies to heal.

It’s intriguing to me to be able to put a vial of something in my water and have it completely regenerate in an hour or so and never have to replace that vial. You would think you would have to empty a dose of something into your water, but no. The plasma field is created simply by dropping this vial in a pitcher and allowing it to float around in water. It’s a one-shot deal and you never have to buy another vial. The water is colourless, tasteless (in a good way) but works like a charm for most people whether they drink it straight up or use to make tea, coffee, juice or any beverage.  ~ BP

Richard goes on to say…

I am excited to see the continuing evidence of the improvements my customers are seeing in their health as a result of consuming the plasma waters they are producing from the GANS Pack with Health Protocols.

Simply put, these plasmatic field energies are natural to our bodies, our bodies function in the plasmatic state and the contents of our bodies are mostly in the GANS state. And so, drinking these plasmatically activated waters is a bit like connecting your body to a battery charger. There are many things that can cause our ”health batteries” to run down, one of which is ageing, though health issues can emerge with younger people who these materials can support.

In my case, I drink the plasma waters from the GANS Pack with Health Protocols morning and night, and I am clear that my ability to gain fitness and muscle strength is now back to where it was some 20 years ago. I’m 65. Further, in my recent visits to a naturopath, her assessment was that my body was in its ideal pH balance, and she thought I was just a lucky guy. However, when my friend who also consumes these plasmatically activated waters from the GANS Pack with Health Protocols visited her and showed the same perfect pH balance, she realised that it was these plasmatically activated waters at work, producing this perfect pH balance for the body.

Also, although my overall health is good, we all develop little niggles as the body ages, and I have noticed, apart from feeling much more energised, that these low level niggles have disappeared.

Of course, others are using these materials to support their bodies in dealing with various health issues and some of the results have been quite remarkable.  to their testimonials, which speak for themselves. As you can see by the dates against these, I am receiving these reports from people quite regularly. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to bring these benefits to people.

The Health Protocols document that is part of the product includes protocols for diabetes, elevated blood pressure, Alzheimer’s and other conditions. Quite a number of people are using the plasma waters as eye drops to help their eyes recover from various conditions.

One of the things these plasma waters can be used for is to make patches, which you can make and apply to your body and promote healing in various ways. They can help with wound or muscle healing, connective tissue repair, organ recovery and many other conditions. I see a growing number of people using these plasma waters in this manner.

In my opinion, we’re just at the very beginning of understanding the ways in which our bodies can be assisted by these plasma waters, and I will share these new understandings and include them in updated versions of the Health Protocols as they become known.

The GANS Pack with Health Protocols is available from my US and Australian stores. If you are in Europe or elsewhere, please purchase it from the US store and we will ship it to you. It is not available from my European store.

If you wish to order the GANS Pack with Health Protocols,  from the US store or  it from the Australian store.

Mehran Keshe, Iranian physicist and founder of the Keshe Foundation

Impressive products and results, wouldn’t you say? We definitely need to be careful with the traditional pain killers and other medications we’ve been prescribed over the years by the allopathic community, but the Keshe products are safe when used as directed with no negative side-effects I’m aware of.

Who is Dr. Presser and why do we trust him to bring us these space-age products from the Keshe Foundation?

Perhaps the following letter from Richard will answer that.  ~ BP

Dr. Richard Presser, PhD and energy healer

January 16, 2018

Firstly, let me wish you all the best for a wonderful 2018.

As we begin this year, let me thank you for joining my contact list, and if you are already a customer, I thank you for your past business.

As I reflected on this new year, I realised that I had never taken the time to explain how I go about running my business.

Firstly, I am a materials engineer by training, and this background is very useful when dealing with this technology. Further, I have worked for quite a few years as a spiritual and emotional healer, and this provides a background to the approach I take in seeking to bring pain relief and improved health to people through some of these products. I also have a background in high quality nutritional supplements and the understanding of how what we eat impacts our health in both the short but especially the long term. I also worked for many years in the IT industry, and this underpins how I structure my business in a technical sense.

In addition to supplying these products, I seek to add value to them by providing additional guidance on their use, which is sent to you automatically a few days after you order them. I do this because it is clear to me that the instructions accompanying the products are inevitably compromised by the challenges of language and also by the necessity of drafting words which comply with the CE Certification approval restrictions, in some cases generating uncertainty and concern when contemplating the use of them, when these concerns are misplaced. And so, as I am not so tightly bound by those restrictions, I clarify these issues for you, so you can use them with more certainty and comfort.

I also aim to provide prompt service by both email and phone. Today, I respond personally to every customer email that is sent to me or my business, and also to every phone call that is placed or message left. Although I have a range of local phone numbers around the world, allowing you to call me with a local call, and this will likely expand this year, at this point all those calls come directly to me, and if they come during my sleeping time or I am engaged in some other activity, I aim to return those calls promptly and in your waking hours. I cannot say how long I will be able to sustain this, and as I begin to work with other people to establish stores covering other languages, this is likely to evolve.

I have also created a range of videos, which aim to explain the technology and products and, where appropriate, help you understand how to best use them when you receive them. You can find most of these at my YouTube channel at . Those videos which relate to the use of the products, you are generally only given access to via email after you purchase as they are not publicly shown on my YouTube channel.

And so, I aim to run a very personal, responsive and informed business, and this has led to me being the largest distributor of the Keshe Foundation products, globally.

During this year, I hope to be able to add some stores that support other languages, such as German, Spanish and Portuguese, working with people who speak these languages and have expressed an interest in working with me on this. I expect the German store will be the first of these, servicing German, Swiss and Austrian customers, in particular.

It has been one of the joys of this business to get to know many of my customers personally, and many of you I now consider to be friends, as we find ourselves looking at the world from a similar perspective, on one level or another.

Product supply issues have been a challenge from when I first started this business in early 2016, and I am optimistic that these are, largely, behind us, at least as far as the current products are concerned. May this all be a thing of the past.

I am also expecting some exciting new products this year, as the Keshe Foundation is aiming to supply these new offerings from factories spread around the world. These products will have a global approval rather than the current European-centric CE approval that currently applies. This will be of great benefit to us all. I expect these new products to include the long-awaited Generator product, which will allow us to receive effectively unlimited power to our homes with no connection to the grid, and I expect this in the second half of the year.

I hope this helps you understand the approach I take to running my business, and how I aim to support you as a customer. I know many of you value my approach because you have said so. I look forward to many more of you becoming users of these extraordinary products and customers of mine as the year progresses.

Kind Regards,


Dr. Richard Presser

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