Published on Oct 4, 2016

Jennifer Martin is the author of “Psoriasis – A Love Story: An amazing journey of Self-Discovery and Healing”. She is a documentary filmmaker and former Sacramento TV host. She is the producer and director of the award-winning “Breaking Ground For Peace.”

Jennifer’s extraordinary tale of healing eschews victimhood. Hers is a journey of self-discovery and dot-connecting from the physical to the metaphysical, the personal to the political, from the human body to Earth, and all of these to mind and spirit. Jennifer’s story beautifully exemplifies ways to turn spiritual perspectives into social action and we hope may serve widely as a model for community activism.

Her research into her own psoriasis traced origins in past lives as well as in the environmental afflictions now facing all living systems on earth. She has become an extraordinarily effective grass-roots activist opposing the erection of cell towers near her retirement home in Roseville, CA.

She started RACT (Residents Against Cell Towers) as part of this initiative. Her approach is to research thoroughly, then build community action from the ground up upon this well-informed public base.

In Jennifer’s “Get the ‘Cell’ Out’ Fact Sheet she shrewdly addresses not just the health and environmental concerns of normal people, but also exposes cell towers’ hidden costs to the sick minds whose profit motive usually decides whether or not to build them.

Jennifer Martin’s new initiative is the Health and Environmental Alliance (HEAL). This is a meeting group that examines the connection between health and our toxic environment. GC will also post a schedule of meetings held by HEAL in Jennifer’s community. These examine chem trails, GMO foods, electro-magnetic fields, and other topics.


Her email is: [email protected]

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