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Hunting Silicon Valley’s Doomsday Bunkers in New Zealand

Vice Stand on a random hill in Queenstown, New Zealand and you can see a beautiful landscape dotted with million dollar homes. Many of those luxury mansions are empty. The owners are the powerful and the wealth, mostly foreigners, who come to New...

How To Prepare For A Cyber Attack

The Natural Blaze By Daisy Luther On March 5, a “cyber event” interrupted grid operations in parts of the western United States, but the hack was just disclosed to the public a few days ago. As of now, officials are not sure who perpetrated the cyber...

Prepping: Water Bath Canning With Vinegar

Natural Blaze By Mac Slavo After the post about vinegar went up, there were quite a few questions on some things, and I will attempt to tackle them one at a time.  Many had asked for a more detailed explanation on water bath canning with vinegar to...

Why Are American Communities Dying? A Return to Small Local Economics Is The Only way to Reverse Some Of The Damage And Keep Our Communities Livable

ConspiracyForever Why Are American Communities Dying? A Return to Small Local Economics Is The Only way to Reverse Some Of The Damage And Keep Our Communities Livable zollie21 May 7, 2019 Most Americans who have been around for a while know life is...

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  • I have mentioned several times that the moon cycle seems to be so much earlier than 27.3 days! What is a Blue Moon3s
  • This has far greater implications than is clearly seen! The White House
  • Please note that not only is DT a reincarnation of Cyrus, but he practiced Zoroastrianism. Look it up! The God of Iv8
  • Check this out on the Fortune 100 Companies-but then we know how they have to sell their soul to be in those positiDB
  • Sounds like PC’s work to assist in bringing an end to the tumult over there...and Sophia putting her foot sown thatD895

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