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FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Linda Moulton Howe : THE Interview From AI to UFOs [AUDIO]

FadeToBlackRadio Ep. 860 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Linda Moulton Howe : THE Interview From AI to UFOs : LIVE May 23, 2018 Check out our LIVE show, Mon-Thursday 7pm PST at LMH and THE Interview… tonight we are doing it all: Artificial Intelligence dangers to Sasquatch, Animal Mutilations and UFOs to Whistleblower updates to the cosmic mystery of Fast Radio Bursts. Linda Moulton Howe is a graduate of Stanford University with a Master’s Degree in Communication. She has devoted her documentary film, television, radio, writing and reporting career to productions concerning science, medicine and the environment....

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Three Signs Google Is Turning to the Dark Side

Futurism Don’t be evil. Since 2000, this phrase has served as a motto-of-sorts for Google. It was even the first sentence in Google’s Code of Conduct  – emphasis on was. On Friday Gizmodo reported that, sometime near the end of April or the beginning of May, Google removed “don’t be evil” almost entirely from their Code of Conduct. It was only included once, in the very last sentence. This lack of inclusion might seem small, but it can also be seen as the latest sign that Google may be shifting its moral priorities. And given that the company now provides far more than just answers to our most important...

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This Upstate NY school district is adding facial recognition that can track students By Tribune News Service Next school year, Lockport schools will have in place the kind of security software used at airports, casinos and sensitive government installations. Facial recognition and tracking software will add an unprecedented level of security at the schools. District officials have decided locked entrance doors, bullet-proof glass and sign-in registers at the front desk are not enough. “We always have to be on our guard. We can’t let our guard down,” Lockport Superintendent Michelle T. Bradley said. “That’s the world that we’re living in. Times have changed. For the Board of Education and the Lockport City School District,...

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Who What Why Police and government surveillance of the residents of Chicago is already so infamous nationally that software developers a few years ago created an interactive game, Watch Dogs, which invites clever gamers to evade and escape the digital surveillance of state authorities there. But privacy may soon be even harder to come by in America’s third largest city. Chicago is infamous for its shootings and high murder rate. And just as notorious are the many civil liberties abuses by the Chicago PD. Serious concerns have been raised to whether expanded state power leads to a safer city. But...

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4-Minute Film Will Make You Re-Think Social Media

Humans Are Free Facebook has been under fire in 2018 so far. It seems week after week another shot is blown to the social media giant whether it be about how it preys on people’s weaknesses or whether it be mass data breaches that cause everyone to re-think the information they are giving up about themselves. We often find it easy to blame Facebook, or blame the social media tool that has our attention, and it’s somewhat understandable that we do that. They are after all poking at our psychology. But then again, are we truly a victim to our psychology?...

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Conspiracy School Pseudoscience It could be said that transhumanism is Freemasonry for the technological age. But Freemasonry forged the technological age. In effect, the history of modern times is the efforts of an occult underground led by Freemasons and other occult secret societies, who represented their agenda as “science” pitted against “religion.” Freemasonry is founded on the belief that magic empowers man to become “like a god.” Their goal is to harness the powers of nature, both known (real science) and hidden (occult). This agenda begins with the founders of Rosicrucianism, the sorcerer John Dee and Francis Bacon, who...

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Chinese school uses facial recognition to monitor student attention in class

The Telegraph  Neil Connor, beijing  17 MAY 2018 • 11:23AM AChinese school has installed facial recognition technology to monitor how attentive students are in class. Every movement of pupils at Hangzhou Number 11 High School in eastern China is watched by three cameras positioned above the blackboard. The “smart classroom behaviour management system,” or “smart eye”, is the latest highly-intrusive surveillance equipment to be rolled out in China, where leaders have rushed to use the latest technology to monitor the wider population. The system has been installed in one classroom, but will be deployed across the school by the summer, headmaster...

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Boston Dynamics Is Going to Start Selling its Creepy Robots in 2019

Nextgov The robot apocalypse has been tentatively scheduled for late 2019. Boston Dynamics, the SoftBank-owned robotics firm (that was once Alphabet’s headache), will begin to commercialize its research next year. Marc Raibert, the company’s founder, announced onstage at a TechCrunch robotics conference May 11 that Boston Dynamics will begin selling its dog-shaped robot, SpotMini, in 2019. It’ll build about 100 robots over the next year, and is currently in the process of contracting manufacturers. The robot, which the company has been developing for the last couple years, is the smaller brother of Spot, a robot Boston Dynamics’ researchers have been kicking since 2015. SpotMini weighs...

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Project Maven: Google employees reportedly quit over military drone AI project

End Gadget Around a dozen Google employees have quit over the company’s involvement in an artificial intelligence drone program for the Pentagon called Project Maven, Gizmodo reported today. Meanwhile, nearly 4,000 workers have now demanded an end to the company’s participation in Maven in a petition that also calls for Google to avoid military work in the future. Project Maven seeks to help the military analyze drone footage faster through machine learning, as the AI detects people and objects for human review. Those who resigned from Google cited ethical concerns over the use of AI in drone operations and the company’s broader involvement...

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ForbiddenKnowledgeTruthstreamMedia THEY ADMITTED SOCIAL MEDIA IS PROGRAMMING US May 8, 2018 We’re all totally sick and tired of talking about Facebook but Melissa Dykes has done such a splendid job of taking Facebook out to the woodshed and I’ve shaved off the first nine minutes of soundbites that many of us have already seen with former Facebooktop executives, Sean Parker and Chamath Palihapitiya. The presentation begins to get very creepy when Melissa describes how her own newsfeed on Facebook seemed to attempt to coerce her into correcting her opinions. Then it gets even worse: Facebook coerced her to correct her thinking by using a dopamine-driven, social validation feedback loop! When one...

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Why Does Google Want Your DNA? [VIDEO]

ReallyGraceful Why Does Google Want Your DNA? May 8, 2018 upport my channel on Patreon: *Sources always pinned as top comment Big THANK YOU to SUPREME LORD COMMANDER for the outro song:… Please subscribe to my backup channel:… Steemit: Facebook: Twitter: Join me on FRIDAY May 11th at 1PM EST for a livestream discussing DNA. Continue the conversation on the Internet Friends Discord: Big THANK YOU to SUPREME LORD COMMANDER for the outro song: Gene editing: Bay Area’s Wojcicki family honored: House Republicans would let employers demand workers’ genetic...

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We Now Have Artificial Embryos So Lifelike, They Initiate Pregnancy In Mice

Futurism For a fetus to develop into a healthy baby, those early stages of pregnancy are critical. If things go wrong, the pregnancy might not come to term, or the baby might develop health problems later in life. Here’s the thing, though: right now, doctors have no idea how to intervene if problems like that come up. They can’t see what’s happening with an embryo just after fertilization, let alone develop treatments to address any problems. But that could soon change, thanks to a new model of an early-stage artificial embryo. Researchers from Maastricht University and the Royal Netherlands Academy of...

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Facebook Wants to Use All Its Dirt on You to Help You Find Love

Futurism Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has embarked on an extended apology tour following the Cambridge Analytica debacle. At today’s Facebook F8 developer’s conference, he predictably took the chance to apologize yet again – then announced a host of new Facebook features. Among a number of insignificant software updates (and the new option to wipe your data history) Facebook revealed the real shocker: it’s building a dating platform. The timing couldn’t be more conspicuous. After all the leaks and private information given away without consent, Facebook wants you to trust them with what is arguably your most intimate data? On paper, it all sounds pretty harmless. The dating platform is going to sit on...

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Artificial intelligence, or can machines think?

Gold Money Artificial intelligence (AI) is seen as both a boon and a threat. It uses our personal data to influence our lives without us realising it. It is used by social media to draw our attention to things we are interested in buying, and by our tablets and computers to predict what we want to type (good). It facilitates targeting of voters to influence elections (bad, particularly if your side loses). Perhaps the truth or otherwise of allegations such as electoral interference should be regarded in the light of the interests of their promotors. Politicians are always ready...

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DNA Facial Prediction Could Make Protecting Your Privacy a Lot More Difficult

Alternet We can already use this DNA to predict some traits, such as eye, skin and hair colour. Soon it may be possible to accurately reconstruct your whole face from these traces. This is the world of “DNA phenotyping” – reconstructing physical features from genetic data. Research studies and companies like 23andMe sometimes share genetic data that has been “anonymised” by removing names. But can we ensure its privacy if we can predict the face of its owner? Here’s where the science is now, and where it could go in the future. Read more: Is your genome really your own? The public...

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Marina Jacobi – THE EVENT with guest Neo Glimmer [VIDEO]

TheHarmonicReactor Marina Jacobi – THE EVENT with guest Neo Glimmer – 4-11-18 Apr 12, 2018 Neo’s experience with the extra-terrestrials. The new code for the fifth deminsional structure reality. Breaking down the code for the old artificial intelligence timeline. FUNDAMENTAL INFORMATION… Please download Neo’s new 5D code. Please be so kind to donate to Neo’s work. PayPal Link below. Here is Neo Glimmer’s youtube channel…...

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Regina Meredith with David Icke: Humanity is Rising Above the Dark Forces [VIDEO]

ReginaMeredith Humanity is Rising Above the Dark Forces, with David Icke, Author & Speaker Apr 21, 2018 David Icke is considered the grandfather of Conspiracy Theory. But when you consider that the charges of abuse he has leveled against the Power Elite over the past 3 decades have been proven correct, then we need to begin looking at the term Conspiracy Theory for more of what it is – Unspeakable Truths. In my conversation with David we go deep into the subject of how our societies, governments, economic institutions and media have been hijacked by the Power Elite. With...

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#MAYDAY Q: EAGER LION 18 US/Jordan Brings the Booo_m #FEARTHIS [VIDEO]

YouAreFreeTV #MAYDAY Q: EAGER LION 18 US/Jordan Brings the Booo_m #FEARTHIS May 1, 2018 Mayday! Mayday! Iran says they will retaliate and Q elaborates on the Sum of All Fears plot currently being dismantled by the Trump Team. Blog with links:… Thanks so much for supporting You Are Free TV!! To donate: To become a patron: Https:// PayPal: [email protected] Crypto: Bitcoin: 1K2mQ5S6na5k5QGPS2Hve7pMMUNrxsRqJQ BCH: 18hNpMyVsj37CBiHuRMD6cCL9Gr5dNU2e8 Ether: 0x7DF493B943520e28aC5f93737b6Cbf27A1C01a79 YOU Are Free and Indispensable to this Great Awakening!...

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