Dear Sandi and Healing Team,
The night before my SA Session I took 4 drops of the essence.
Then I had a dream. I dreamed of Judy Garland as a ” Child-Star” and I was told that she was abused as a child. I knew a fractal of this experience was belonging to me. This Fractal wanted to be seen, so it can be integrated. I felt so much love for this tiny  fractal and I assumed it. It was so beautiful, now it was allowed to come home to complete me! It no longer need to hide. It was a dream with deep emotions.
I woke up in the night from that dream and thought about it. My heart ached so much about it. I was wondering that
I dreamed in English, because I am German. But also there was a great feeling of love and a wonderful feeling of coming home. It was so nice! However, I could not clearly remember to have had such experience as a child. Had I blocked it out? Even it could also be my Inner Child.
What’s about the word “Child star”? I see myself as the “Star child”. The word is turned over in the dream. The abuse-fractal is a part of me and wanted to be necessarily considered and integrated. There is so very very much love for everyone who had to make this experience. I felt it. This is a message of love for all who have been abused. Love is behind the pain. This is true!
The following session with Jerry for the SA was comfortable and quiet for me. I had no particular perceptions, but I trusted the process. At night, I don’t know why, I had some heart problems.
When I received the report from Jerry, I was very deeply moved! He does a wonderful job, and it was so nice to read what he has done for me. Thank you, again and again thank you for this!
With love