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 I believe education is by far one of the most important topics on our planet. Whether it is learning how to make a garden or how to build a bridge, educating ourselves gives us direction, purpose, and depth. It allows us to experience the world through our own unique perspective, and thus bring a gift to humanity with what we have learned. The key is to review who is educating us and what agenda, if any, exists through that education.

Firmly, I stand with the approach that we must allow everyone to contribute what they think, have or know, for we can attain a glimmer of realization just through one unexpected comment.  So in reading through the various websites, retain what you want, and leave the rest.  Everyone has something to offer. Sometimes you just have to look a little harder to find it.

You will find the websites below covering an array of topics and most have libraries or courses that they offer.  Enjoy the journey of expanding your perspective as you realign your thought patterns with new information!


The Last American Vagabond Anyone who has taken the time to truly research this nation’s history, both recent and back to its origins, should be well aware that those with the wealth have the power to manipulate the government, just as we are...

Pussy Riot activist Petr Verzilov has been flown to Berlin for treatment after is was suspected he was poisoned [VIDEO]

euronews (in English) Published on Sep 16, 2018 SUBSCRIBED 574K Pussy Riot activist Petr Verzilov has been flown to Berlin for treatment after is was suspected he was poisoned in Russia… READ MORE : What are...

Why Is FEMA Testing a Nation-Wide Emergency Alert?

Divine Frequency (Teresa Yanaros) Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will send out a phone alert next Thursday, September 20th, 2018, in order to test presidential communications during times of national emergency. Related World-Wide Solar...

Prepare for Change – Benjamin Fulford Interview: The Logjam is Breaking, Sept 13, 2018 [VIDEO]

Prepare for Change On September 13, 2018, resumed our 2018 interviews with Benjamin Fulford. Benjamin tells us he thinks the logjam in the United States has broken with the death, (or execution?) of John McCain and the crackdown...

Terran Cognito – Update from Denice on Hurricane Florence

Terran Cognito Heather:  (RE: Denice status) lol 😉    my love to you, Denice, and all Denice: 😍thanks! We are trying to head home today. No power anywhere, may as well be home. 🌞 Later.... Denice: Hi Terran: Hi both Shawn and you are texting!...

Black Ops Whistleblower, World Wide False Flags Increasing pt. 2 [VIDEO]

Sarah Westall Published on Sep 15, 2018 SUBSCRIBED 57K Learn how a simple gadget can double your gas mileage and save you thousand of dollars on gasoline at Sign up for FREE health Summit "The Truth About Cancer"...

Start a 1-Acre, Self-Sufficient Homestead

Mother Earth News Everyone will have a different approach to keeping a self-sufficient homestead, and it’s unlikely that any two 1-acre farms will follow the same plan or methods or agree completely on how to homestead. Some people like cows; other...

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