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 images-duckduckgo-comI believe education is by far one of the most important topics on our planet. Whether it is learning how to make a garden or how to build a bridge, educating ourselves gives us direction, purpose, and depth. It allows us to experience the world through our own unique perspective, and thus bring a gift to humanity with what we have learned. The key is to review who is educating us and what agenda, if any, exists through that education.

Firmly, I stand with the approach that we must allow everyone to contribute what they think, have or know, for we can attain a glimmer of realization just through one unexpected comment.  So in reading through the various websites, retain what you want, and leave the rest.  Everyone has something to offer. Sometimes you just have to look a little harder to find it.

You will find the websites below covering an array of topics and most have libraries or courses that they offer.  Enjoy the journey of expanding your perspective as you realign your thought patterns with new information!

Human Origins On Earth And The “Prison Planet” Theory

UFO Insight We have examined, on several occasions, various views of the Ancient Astronaut Theory, the possibilities of the Anunnaki, and the increasing evidence of advanced civilizations existing on Earth long before recorded history suggests....

Body of Missing MH370 Reportedly Located in Cambodian Jungle

Sputnik News 4510 Over the weekend, pilot Daniel Boyer claimed that the Google Maps images of the Cambodian jungle showed the crash site of the MH370 Boeing 777, which disappeared nearly five years ago en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Speaking...

Mainstream Media Drives Getaway Car for Alt-Media Purge

Global Research Facebook purged more than 800 accounts last week, continuing its scorched-earth campaign of eradicating dissent as Americans prepare to go to the polls. The social media platform is nicely settling into its role as official censor,...

The Strange Mystery of the Wakulla Volcano

Mysterious Universe Just about 30 miles from the bustling city of Tallahassee, Florida, and around 10 miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico, near the town of Wakulla, lies a sprawling expanse of deep swamp called the Wacissa Swamp, also known as the...

Cherokee Nation rejects Elizabeth Warren’s DNA results [VIDEO]

RT Published on Oct 17, 2018 SUBSCRIBED 3.1M Native Americans have expressed outrage - over what they see as the politically-motivated hijacking of their identity... by Senator Elisabeth Warren. She took a DNA test, to rebuke Donald Trump. READ MORE:...

Facial Recognition Scanning in Schools Has Arrived, Fueling Privacy Concerns

Activist Post By Chloe Anagnos RealNetworks, a leader in digital media software known for introducing streaming technology about two decades ago, is in the news for offering free facial recognition technology to the more than 100,000 K-12 schools...

The Man The CIA Wants You To Forget

Collective Evolution IN BRIEF The Facts:Former LAPD Narcotics Detective and whistleblower Michael Ruppert spent years speaking out against the CIA for allegedly running drugs throughout the USA. He was found dead in 2014 by an apparent self-inflicted...

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