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WHAT: The Oroville Dam known as the tallest earthen dam in the world may soon fail after cavitation opened up a 200ft hole in the spillway on Tuesday. The hole prevents controlled releases of water as the reservoir levels continue to climb. Water flowing over loose dirt will further erode and widen the hole. The dam is 50ft taller than the Hoover Dam and holds back over 4 cubic kilometers of water.

MOTIVE: Lack of emergency response will be blamed on TRUMP and be used for grounds for his removal and to distract from Pizzagate arrests.

Mainstream media links reporting the hole.

Media is downplaying the danger but this is an extremely serious situation developing. With more storms coming in the dam may soon burst. Because there are no evacuations thousands will be killed. The scale of the disaster will rival 9/11 and the 3/11 Japanese Tsunami. The CA official even goes out of his way to tell people not to evacuate. This is reminiscent of the return to your desks call that went out on 9/11.

Secondary motive to distract the public from imminent Pizzagate arrests. The stakes are sky high with what is going down with Pizzagate so they are willing to try anything to divert our attention. If they can destroy the Trump presidency as well then that is two birds with one stone.

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(raw footage of 4pm test)

(larger hole revealed after the test)

(water levels)


(Jim Stone theory)

Picture illustrates the seriousness of the problem. (must see TLDR)


(situation worsening)

(New damage at the dam)

(hole growing)

(water is coming in faster than going out)


(dam is 95% filled and rising by 1ft an hour; it will overflow before morning)

(spillway collapsed) notice how the hole is eating into the dam. The whole thing is going to burst soon. If you are in the area Get out now!

(for scale tiny people)

(Water being shunted into the hole is undermining the dam)


(Oroville schools are closed tomorrow as a “precaution”, salmon hatchery evacuated)


(reservoir only 5 feet from emergency overflow)

(Proof the government is lying, 2013 inspection)

(cracks visible in 2008)

(side by side 2013 / 2017)

(Spillway damage)

(water nears emergency spillway and tree clearing)


(What the media is completely ignoring)

(second view)

(helicopter footage)

Things to keep in mind:

  • The emergency spillway is a red herring, it is far from the dam and does not matter
  • Water flowing down the damaged spillway is undermining the hill the main dam is sitting on
  • When the hill slides the Oroville dam will go with it
  • Waterlogged soil and gravity do not mix. Alluvial soil will landslide when wet


(Drone footage from earlier Friday 2/10/17)

(Reservoir at 899ft, 900ft = full, 901ft emergency spillover)

More rain is expected tonight.


(Dam expert thinks Oroville dam “could” fail due to progressive erosion)

Inflows increasing due to overnight rains.

(Reservoir at 900.72ft, 3 inches from emergency spillway)

Dam will overflow in less than an hour. Overflow will occur at approximately 7:15am local pacific time.

EDIT #10

(Overflow event beginning)

EDIT #11

Media blackout of Dam coverage on Sunday (2/12/17).

(The authorities are lying up a storm, hillside collapses on live stream)

(Link to live stream of Sunday’s damage)

EDIT #12

Evacuations are being order now. This is huge. 100,000cfs is going down the damaged spillway. Dam burst is imminent.

EDIT #13

130,000 people evacuated in the evening hours of Sunday (2/12/17) No fly zone over the dam.

(situation stabilizing for emergency spillway below the critical 901ft mark)

Erosion will continue for the damaged main spillway. The concern over the emergency spillway is a red herring. The real danger is the erosion from main spillway undermining the main dam itself.

EDIT #14 (2/13/17 Monday morning update)

(Evacuations INCREASED to 188,000 plus flood maps)

If the situation stabilized last night then why are they evacuating even MORE people? The town of Oroville only has 14,000 population yet they evacuated 188,000 from 3 different counties up to 40 miles away. The situation is much more serious then they are telling the public.

(Russia Today mentions Dam may collapse)

More rain expected later in the week as a major storm is moving in Wednesday night.

Will add more later.