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Suzanne Lie – The Great Reunion-By Our Galactic Family

Awakening with Suzanne Lie By Our Galactic Family This morning I awoke with a “dream” message from the Arcturians and my Galactic Family. It seems that last night I was likely on the Ship receiving my next Earth Assignment, which is our next Multidimensional School. The name of this particular school is, “From Global to Galactic.” Therefore, as soon as I awoke, I went to my computer to ask The Arcturians and my Galactic Family about this “dream—inter-dimensional message.” The message I receive is below. It appears that this message was/is from the Arcturians, as well as my Galactic...

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“Time to Remember the Agreement” by TPAO

IntelDinarChronicles “Time to Remember the Agreement” by TPAO – 3.8.17 Entry Submitted by TPAO at 7:57 AM EST on March 8, 2017 Such a beautiful and uncomplicated tale of an agreement that we have all made. This is the moment to remember it. In this last act of the play recognising that those who, in service to others, took on the role of providing the contrast we needed to effect this evolutionary leap in our learning need our love, support and understanding more then ever now more than ever. They too have forgotten. This is the moment we get...

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FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Anaiis Salles : Earth 2.0 [VIDEO]

FadeToBlackEp. 609 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Anaiis Salles : Earth 2.0 : LIVE Published on Feb 16, 2017 Anaiis Salles is engaging deeper and direct communion with our Mother Planet. She experiences Gaia giving birth to 5D Earth as a reality here and now. Through Rise and on her own website, Anaiis has developed online educational environments focused on replicating her multidimensional skills for all who feel called to co-create the New Earth with Gaia. One of her practical tools explains the Mandela effect, and how we can consciously quantum jump into multidimensional shifts through which...

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Eceti Teleconference with Ashli Wednesday February 15th

Eceti Aligning with 5D Frequencies week 1 of 5 tonight: The Basics: Love, Joy and Bliss Teleconference with Ashli Wednesday February 15th 5:30pm – 7:00pm PT Wednesday February 15th to Wednesday March 15th 5 week series (join one or all – they are stand alone calls) Register for Aligning with 5D Frequencies Week 1 of 5 When a person reaches 5th dimension consciousness, they may experience existing in a permanent state of peace, bliss, love, and joy. No effort is required on their part to remain in this state. This takes place naturally and automatically. All dissonant energy is...

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Shane Fairweather: The Family of Light and a Message of Unity, Jan 24, 2017

Published on Jan 24, 2017 Shane Fairweather returns with important updates on what may well prove to be the final push of the light forces against the cabal and their ET handlers. In his second interview with Alexandra, Shane calls Trump’s election “the final nail in their coffin,” and places the President at two recent meetings with the galactic councils. However, Shane also comments on the tricky matter of cleaning up archonic interference, which has delayed the ‘last act’ already several times. He indicates too how far the problem extends, even if Earth now stands on the verge of...

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We Are Aliens Because Our Souls Are Extra-Terrestrial

Humans Are Free We Are Aliens Because Our Souls Are Extra-Terrestrial We are in this physical world, but we are not from this world. It is important to understand that there is an evolution of Souls going on through the earthly experience, but also a development for every individual Soul. This is how the passage into higher and higher dimensions can be explained in simple terms. There are many immature Souls on planet Earth, and also many misguided Souls. Other Souls do not possess the best intentions, or are simply controlled by beings without a body, whose intentions and evolutionary...

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Who Are The Starseeds?

Woo Woo Media By Michele Cornacchia Starseeds have an important role in the global Ascension. They are highly evolved souls that volunteered to embody on Earth in this very moment and that lived the majority of their lifetimes on other planets, star systems, galaxies and dimensions. Many of them had millions of life times here on this planet. That’s right, we came here to fulfill the great plan that we designed together so that mankind could have a future different from extinction. It is the first attempt in all universes, to propel an entire planet to jump from...

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Suzanne SpoonerSTARTLING INSIGHT INTO DONALD TRUMP’S ELECTION, INTENTION AND THE SCIENCE OF ASCENSION EXPLAINED Published on Nov 18, 2016 This is a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session conducted by Suzanne Spooner. For more information on QHHT, visit For more background on this clip please visit; the blog piece shares the same title as this clip. On this clip information about the Torsion spin of photons is given. The information was from Brendan Murphy at...

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Magenta Pixie: The Royal Code and Inception Points [VIDEO]

Magenta PixieThe Royal Code and Inception Points Published on Nov 26, 2016 Analysis of my recent channelled video ‘Blue Star Solstice 2016 “Memory Complex Codes” (Royal Houses of Sirius, Pleiades and Lyra)’. The Royal Code and Inception Points. View the video analysed here at… (GC: We blogged this video at Presented by Magenta Pixie. Video compiled by Catzmagick. Media c/o motionbackgroundsforfree — Magenta Pixie Website: Magenta Pixie...

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Antarctica “Guardians” Ordered John Kerry to Leave Antarctica and Not to Return! [VIDEO]

Thanks Nina! Maine Republic Email Alert Before It’s News) On November 12, 2016 we reported the John Kerry 11-11-2016 trip to Antarctica by discussing the “Antarctic Ban” for another 35 years followed up with our report about the strange blue lights in the sky during the 7.8M earthquake in New Zealand and the blue/greenish UFO-like object that appeared over Perth, Australia, several hours after the New Zealand’s earthquake happened. Now it appears that John Kerry’s visit to Antarctica was not only intended to the new ‘Antarctic Ban’ agreement, but that the primary reason of John Kerry’s visit was to...

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Meet Shane: Stargate Repair and Daily Life on a Peace-Keeping Starship – November 15, 2016

Published on Nov 15, 2016 In this ground-breaking interview, Alexandra introduces Shane, a galactic council diplomat and stargate-repair engineer. Shane responded to Alexandra’s call for Ambassadors and Guardians, especially those working out of the limelight, to make contact at Divination Online. This will be the first of a series of interviews Alexandra will conduct with Shane, as with other new faces in the ascension and exo-political communities. As always, questions from listeners are welcome for the upcoming interviews. Shane’s near-complete memories of his nightly dreamtime life aboard a vast and ancient inter-galactic starship provide endlessly fascinating material for this...

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Eugene Braxton: Near Death Experiences – July 5, 2016 [VIDEO]

Published on Jul 5, 2016 Alexandra Meadors engages in an enlightening and in-depth conversation with Eugene Braxton who is known as America’s Most Experienced Mystic, Near Death Experience Researcher and the Author of “America’s Mystic Solves Near-Death Riddle”. Eugene Braxton reveals how he personally experienced his own Near Death Experience (NDE) as a child and goes onto reveal his findings after numerous years of research NDE’s and his rather unique introduction into Ufology and his own personal connection with Betty and Barney Hill! Alexandra and Eugene further discuss his life’s research of Out of Body experiences (OBE’s), paranormal events,...

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Alexandra Meadors: An Urgent Message To The Guardians – June 28, 2016

Published on Jun 28, 2016 Alexandra Meadors delivers a timely, urgent and heartfelt message to the Guardians! Please listen to the entire message as she makes an announcement at the very end! Check out our NEWS page: Like our Facebook page: Follow us on Twitter:...

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Adam Apollo: Revisiting Camelot – May 10, 2016

Published on May 10, 2016 Alexandra Meadors and Adam Apollo discuss the parallels of Camelot, Egypt, the British Isles and the idea that we reincarnate back into similar missions with our soul families over many thousands of years. Adam highlights how damaging Christianity’s role was in that there was no longer any acceptance of the diversity of divinity in the Universe and the tremendous fear that this induced as so many lost their loved ones in various incarnations or their very lives because they did not fit into this religious mold. The mass slaughter in Egypt created trauma which...

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Urgent Message for the Ground Crew – May 1, 2016

Alexandra Meadors puts out an urgent alert to all the Ground Crew, no matter what role you play or mission you have, but in particular all who work with grids, portals, and stargates, to take heed of this major call to action. Here is the message from Jeff as read out by Alexandra: “As I write this, actions are being perpetrated for harmonically inducing rare frequency matching that will open portals lying on key dynamic crossover points of the earth lay lines. Frequencies are being brought to bear that will encode these earth sections in such a way to...

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