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Sphere Being Alliance David Wilcock: Welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host, David Wilcock, here with Corey Goode and our guest, Emery Smith. Emery, welcome back to the show. Emery Smith: Well, thank you, David, and Gaia, for having me again. David: And Corey, thanks for being here. Corey Goode: Thank you. David: So we’re going to get into suppressed technology in this episode, which is a vast subject. And we’re going to focus in to some degree on medical things, but also just beyond that as well. So we interviewed William Tompkins before his death, and he talked about some...

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LAURA EISENHOWER 2018: Alien Races, Transhumanism, 13th Zodiac and MORE [VIDEO]

EdgeOfWonder LAURA EISENHOWER 2018: Alien Races, Transhumanism, 13th Zodiac and MORE! May 4, 2018 Whistleblower, International Speaker and Intuitive Astrologist, LAURA EISENHOWER is today’s guest speaker on Edge of Wonder! Laura will also be attending Contact In The Desert, but for those of you who can’t wait, Ben and Rob did a Skype Interview with her for you all. Laura is also the great grand daughter of President Eisenhower and will be talking about the following in this 1-hour exclusive interview: (1:23) “What Are You Speaking About At Citd?” (4:32) “Did The Majestic 12 Stop President Eisenhower?” (7:12) “Crimes...

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Corey Goode Update: Alliance Updates Coming, Sigmund Quote, Anshar Communications

StillnessInTheStorm Corey Goode Update: Alliance Updates Coming, Sigmund Quote, Anshar Communications 06/15/2018 BY STILLNESS IN THE STORM (Corey Goode) Alliance Updates Coming: Hopeful chatter is starting to trickle through sources who have been mostly quiet for the last few months. Related Corey Goode Update | Surviving the Transition Source – Sphere Being Alliance Facebook by Corey Goode, June 15th, 2018 These communications give many of us hope that the full briefings will begin again soon. As I stated earlier, many of the people that were briefing me had been contacting me in recent weeks asking if I had any new information. Before the briefings were fully...

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Steven Kelley with You Are Free: NO FEAR: PRISON PLANET OVER; Defeating PedoElites #OCCUPYGETTY [VIDEO]

YouAreFreeTV NO FEAR: PRISON PLANET OVER, Steven D K_lley on Defeating PedoElites #OCCUPYGETTY Jun 11, 2018 Steven D Kelley has exposed the DUMB underneath the Getty Center completed by Sir Paul Getty, the anglophile who earned his knighthood by building a $1.4 million catastrophe-proof underground fortress in Bel Air, CA, for the English Royals that includes a massive underground installation said to house a facility that enslaves and harvests trafficked children. Please sign the petition to Occupy the Getty and stop the Cabal:… Please support Steven Kelley’s work: WEBSITE: *Steven has asked me to let everyone know...

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NASA Removes All But Three Ceres Photos From Public Index

UFOSightingsDaily NASA Removes All But Three Ceres Photos From Public Index, June 2, 2018, UFO Sighting News. June 2, 2018 Source:  (click dwarf planets) Dwarf Ceres Index that NASA has put up for the public has been taken down. There was once hundreds of photos, but now there are only there. If you go to the link and click on Dwarf Planets, you will see only three photos. This Is NASA trying to hide the true nature of Ceres white spots from the public. Many times I have reported these white spots looking like structures, but now NASA has...

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Dr. Michael Salla: US North Korea Peace Talks Made Possible by USAF Secret Space Program

Exopolitics US North Korea Peace Talks Made Possible by USAF Secret Space Program WRITTEN BY DR MICHAEL SALLA ON JUNE 11, 2018 On June 12 President Donald Trump meets with North Korea’s supreme leader, Kim Jong-Un in Singapore to resolve the confrontation over the latter’s nuclear weapons program. The on-off-on again meeting has been a surprise to many believing that the bellicose language used by both leaders throughout 2017 was a sure sign that a nuclear confrontation was inevitable. During Kim’s January 1, New Year’s Day address, he had announced that North Korea’s nuclear weapons program was completed with the successful testing of...

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Secret Space Program Disclosure: The Nazi Heritage [VIDEO]

RobertSepehr Secret Space Program Disclosure Dec 8, 2015 Randy Cramer live at the Triad Theater on Nov 14, 2015. Nazi Germany claimed the territory of New Swabia in Antarctica, sent an expedition there in 1938, and began building secret deep underground bases below the ice. They defeated a “post WW2” attack by Allied forced in 1946, led by Admiral Byrd, who retreated in disgrace after suffering substantial damage and casualties (see Operation Highjump). While the United States government continues to suppress this “Vril” free-technology, the NAZI elite that did not surrender in 1945 have expanded a massive secret space...

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James Bartley Interviews “Dhayaphim”: Multidimensional Operative and Milab [AUDIO]

JamesBartley Dhayaphim Multidimensional Operative and Milab 1/2 Apr 23, 2018 Part 2: :… ‎ Dhayaphim discusses some of her experiences with Extraterrestrials, Interdimensional Beings and deep black elements of the Military. Dhayaphim reveals aspects of interdimensional experiences which are rarely discussed but are known about certain milabs. Dhayaphim describes a hostage rescue op she took part in involving reptilians. She talks about some of her encounters with the military and she describes her innate metaphysical capabilities. In Part 2 Dhayaphim reveals more about her experiences with the Military both on Earth and in Off World Settings....

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Information On The Supposed Alien/Human Hybrid Program

CollectiveEvolution Information On The Supposed Alien/Human Hybrid Program By Arjun Walia June 5, 2018 Prior to the recent official disclosure of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) in the mainstream (via the recent Pentagon footage and the release of millions of pages of UFO related documents from dozens of governments), UFOs were listed in the conspiracy category. This was the case despite all of the evidence that was leaked over the decades, from very credible sources. Apart from the evidence listed above, we also have witness testimony from hundreds of military and intelligence personnel from around the world. These are the sources that were...

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Max Igan – WhistleBlower Nation – Revolution Radio – June 8th 2018 [VIDEO]

thecrowhouse Published on Jun 11, 2018 SUBSCRIBED 95K Max Igan – WhistleBlower Nation – Revolution Radio – June 8th 2018 Support The Crowhouse: Bitcoin: 1F6bEEsJHZZhHeT4fmN9iQCwF1Yqu5UZSD Litecoin: LcTY57kkuWaSF8YqC9EbLpxBj5kcQzMLhQ Ethereum: 0x924C0F9A9889f703a9220eCf322342B9d6BDb32D “The illusion of freedom will continue for as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will take down the scenery, move the tables and chairs out of the way, then they will pull back the curtains and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.” – Frank Zappa “Who controls the...

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Evidence Suggesting David Icke Is Actually Right About Reptilians

Collective Evolution The Facts:The Pope’s Audience Hall is built in the design of a giant snakes head. There is a ton of corroboration from people/whistleblowers about the reality of a reptilian ET influence on earth. Reflect On:Have you looked into the reality of an ET race known as the reptilians? Does this help to explain many things in our society and in the way we operate on earth under the influence of the deep state? Becoming aware of this removes their power. Probably one of the most challenging conspiracy theories of the past 30 years for people to digest...

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SphereBeingAlliance COSMIC DISCLOSURE: ALIENS AND VACCINES Season 11, Episode 3 Welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host, David Wilcock, here with Emery Smith and Corey Goode. So, Emery, welcome back. Emery Smith: Thank you, Dave. David: And, Corey, welcome back to the show. Corey Goode: Thank you. David: So I thought that we would open this one out . . . we’re going to be talking about xenobiology and some really interesting things having to do with the pharmaceutical aspects of that. This is a story that is very strange. So since 2000, I’ve been in contact with an insider who...

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A “Mass” Siting: Massachusetts Monument to UFO Encounters: The “Inexplicable” Witnessed Across 4 Towns…[VIDEO]

SecureTeam The “Inexplicable” Witnessed Across 4 Towns… Jun 3, 2018 For as little as 1$ monthly, become a Patron & support our strange little channel: News story: ➨E-mail me your UFO footage: [email protected] ➨Secureteam Shirts! ➨Twitter: ➨Facebook: Send me some mail to: Secureteam 1712 11th St. Portsmouth, OH 45662 Box...

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Whether We Can Handle the Truth or Not, Humanity NEEDS Full Disclosure

Humans Are Free There is much talk about whether humanity can cope with “Full Disclosure” and maybe “Partial Disclosure” would be more appropriate. People are concerned that the world would dissolve into anarchy and chaos. People would become angry and violent and go on the rampage, once they find out they have been controlled and manipulated and used as slaves to the system for so long. Once they find out about Agenda 21, the depopulation agenda. How we have been subjected to toxic poisons in our food by the use of GMOs, how we have been sprayed with toxic chemicals through geo-engineering and how fluoride...

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Benjamin Fulford – Takedown of Israel may be imminent as NATO withdraws protection

Benjamin Fulford Tectonic shifts in the geopolitical landscape continue at a dizzying pace around the world as the satanic Khazarian mob is being systematically removed from all world power centers, multiple sources agree.  The situation has proceeded so far that the Khazarian big Kahuna, Israel, may soon be liberated from the satanists, Pentagon sources say.  In Europe the changes of government last week in Italy, Spain, and Slovenia mean that only a rump of France, Germany, and Holland remain under Khazarian control, the sources say. The liberation of the West is necessary to ensure that the East/West negotiations taking...

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