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Ex-CIA engineer charged with massive leak to WikiLeaks

Politico By JOSH GERSTEIN 06/18/2018 09:25 PM EDT Updated 06/19/2018 07:51 AM EDT A former CIA computer engineer has been indicted on charges he masterminded what appears to be the largest leak of classified information in the spy agency’s history. Joshua Schulte, 29, was charged in a new grand jury indictment with providing WikiLeaks with a massive trove of U.S. government hacking tools that the online publisher posted in March 2017, the Justice Department announced on Monday. Schulte was previously facing child pornography charges in federal court in New York, but the indictment broadens the case to accuse him of illegally gathering classified...

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Dr. Carol Rosin: Staged Artificial ‘Alien Invasion’ and asteroide/comet threat. NWO final card [VIDEO]

3Dtimespace Published on Aug 24, 2011 SUBSCRIBE 4.5K Dr. Carol Rosin a former NASA scientist turned Disclosure Project witness shares very important information with us. Keep in mind this was back in 2000 before 9/11 back when it was only Oklahoma city and the ’93 WTC bombing and they realized they were going to need something bigger…… Krugman in short: award winning economist, won nobels prize in 2008. Anyways, he saids “within the next 18 months”. So there you have it. Another confirmation on our/your theories. Understand, these people just don’t care anymore. They have been getting away with...

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TRUMP: Space Force, Spy Gate, IG-FAIL, Pedo-Elites Toast #CRICKETS

You Are Free TV Published on Jun 18, 2018 SUBSCRIBED 59K 6/18 We have the Inspector General and FBI Director giving testimony before Congress while President Trump creates the 6th arm of the US military, the Space Force! The world is a’changin’! Thank God! THANKS so much for supporting You Are Free TV! With comments, prayers, news tips and donations: I appreciate every way you contribute! Join me on the Prayer Wave at 6pm wherever you are for a 1 minute prayer for the fall of the cabal and the be-freeing of humanity. If you would like yo support YAFTV...

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Walmart Detention Centers are Now a Reality [VIDEO]

Zoon Politikon Published on Jun 18, 2018 SUBSCRIBED 9.6K or support me on Paypal via my email “[email protected]” Holly Seeliger P.O. Box 5185 Portland, ME 04101 Twitter @HollySeeliger………………………… “A former Walmart Supercenter in Brownsville, Texas, that has become the largest licensed migrant children’s shelter in the country — a warehouse for nearly 1,500 boys aged 10 to 17 who were caught illegally crossing the border. The 250,000-square-foot facility is a model of border life in Trump-era America, part of a growing industry of detention centers and shelters as...

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Council on Foreign Relations Tells Gov’t They “Have To” Use Propaganda on Americans

Activist Post By Jay Syrmopoulos The Council on Foreign Relations delivered an Orwellian presentation recently that unsurprisingly went unnoticed in the mainstream media, in which CFR’s Richard Stengel forwarded the notion that governments “have to” direct “propaganda” at their own domestic populations. The Council is recognized as one of the United States’ oldest and most establishment think tanks of the American power-elite, and it often sets the agenda on important policy questions—or, as former senior editor at the Washington Post, Richard Harwood, in a column entitled “Ruling Class Journalists,” approvingly described the Council as, “the nearest thing we have to a ruling establishment in...

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1965: A bizarre Year of Truly Bizarre Inter-Dimensional Interlopers

Mysterious Universe Looking at accounts of the strange and the paranormal, one can often not escape the certain odd detail that many of these sightings happen in discernible waves, and that some years seem to produce far more reports of enigmatic encounters than others. Although it is uncertain why this may be, there are some years to which truly phenomenally bizarre reports seem to gravitate, and 1965 certainly stands tall amongst them, with numerous accounts of strange visitors that seem as if they cannot possibly be from anywhere on this planet, or even this reality. In this year we...

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How to Free Your Mind from Mainstream Media Brainwashing

Humans Are Free Starting with Gutenberg’s printing press, then Thomas Edison’s motion picture camera and the introduction of celluloid and the silver screen, and later the cathode ray tube – a select few media institutions, and the men behind them, have enjoyed monolithic monopoly over the information we see and hear. Their machine is awesome and seemingly unstoppable, and reaches anywhere, anytime and into the minds of all it targets. How does one navigate, let alone make sense, of this 21st century matrix? If this transformation were truly an organic process, then most critical minds would be able to rationally...

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WHAT HAPPENED?? North Korean Trump Pen Mystery!!! | Kim Jong Un Trump Meeting [VIDEO]

Mitchollow Published on Jun 12, 2018 SUBSCRIBE 46K During the signing process of the historic Singapore nuclear disarmament deal between US President Donald Trump and Dear Leader for Life North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un, a mysterious pen swapping incident made headlines. What happened with that pen? Was it a possible assassination attempt? We may never...

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Trump Orders Pentagon To “Immediately Establish A Space Force”

Zero Hedge 0 SHARES During a press conference Monday, Donald Trump announced that, as he hinted previously, he’s ordering the Pentagon to “immediately” establish a “space force” as an independent service branch. That’s right: Today might be the day that future generations look back on as the anniversary of the creation of the legendary US Space Force, guardians of intergalactic order. Would you like to earn more? Trump said “we must have American dominance in space. Very importantly, I am hereby directing the Department of Defense and Pentagon to immediately begin the process necessary to establish a Space Force...

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City of London Corporation: Secret History of the World’s Financial Capital

Humans Are Free ‘The City’ – or, ‘The Square Mile’ – refers to the City of London Corporation. Together with Wall Street, The City forms the hub of the plutocratic system that controls most of the world, and is presently engulfing the few remaining states that it does not control, through the time-proven tactics of plutocracy: revolution ostensibly in the name of ‘the people’.1 Because The City is situated in England, and because it is often confused with the ancient capital, London, there has been a lot of obfuscation as to the character of the plutocratic system that is partially based in...

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Jon Rappoport – The occult archetype called vaccination

Jon Rappoport The occult archetype called vaccination By Jon Rappoport In many past articles, I’ve taken apart the so-called science of vaccines and shown how deceptive it is. Here I take another approach: examining the archetypes and symbols that surround vaccination and give it occult power. Begun as a crude version of homeopathy (“treat like with like”), in which a mild injected version of a disease would supposedly protect against the actual disease, vaccination soon developed into a military outpost, with the commander ordering the appearance of his scouts: antibodies. “Line up men, now hunt!” Today, as a revival...

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Free Julian Assange Vigil June 19th, worldwide [VIDEO]

The Outer Light Published on Jun 18, 2018 SUBSCRIBED 51K Free Julian Assange NZ – OZ, US & UK Embassies Worldwide Global “Free Julian Assange” movement (at US & UK Embassies Worldwide) Australian High Commission – 72 Hobson St. =12.00 Embassy of United States – 29 Fitzherbert St. = 13.15 British High Commission – 44 Hill St. = 14.30 Links to more info:……… 🤗 Help support my channel: 📄 🐸 💡 🔷 Chat-room: 👾 🎧 YouTube channels:

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Benjamin Fulford – Rebirth of Manchuria plotted as Europe faces summer of discontent

Benjamin Fulford Once again the world faces a long hot summer of discontent, with the major action likely to be in Europe and East Asia this year.  The EU is likely to experience regime change due to popular anger as warm weather brings in yet another massive wave of mostly male Muslim immigrants.  In the Far East, the summit meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean strongman Kim Jong-un has led to serious plotting to revive a Manchurian empire straddling from Mongolia to Northern China to Korea to Japan, according to multiple independent sources, including CIA and...

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Mainstream Media Confirms Conspiracy Theory That Walmart Stores Are Being Turned into Prison Camps

Activist Post By Rachel Blevins When citizens began to ask questions about why Walmart stores were suddenly closing in in southern states in 2015, the mainstream media insisted that the closures were due to plumbing problems and that any suggestion of government involvement was a crazy conspiracy theory. Three years later, the MSM is finally admitting that several of those Walmart stores were converted into detention centers, which now house immigrant children who have been separated from their parents. At least 1,500 boys are currently being detained in Brownsville, Texas, where NBC News reported that they “spend 22 hours per day during...

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Amazon, Microsoft, and Uber are paying big money to kill a California privacy initiative

The Verge As data-sharing scandals continue to mount, a new proposal in California offers a potential solution: the California Consumer Privacy Act would require companies to disclose the types of information they collect, like data used to target ads, and allow the public to opt out of having their information sold. Now, some of tech’s most prominent companies are pouring millions of dollars into an effort to to kill the proposal. AMAZON, MICROSOFT, AND UBER RECENTLY MADE CONTRIBUTIONS In recent weeks, Amazon, Microsoft, and Uber have all made substantial contributions to a group campaigning against the initiative, according to state...

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Inside America’s Largest Child Migrant Detention Center: An Old Texas Walmart [VIDEO]

DAHBOO777 Published on Jun 17, 2018 SUBSCRIBED 204K The US government released some memorable images on Thursday, revealing the inside of a mysterious new U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) immigration detention center for children who crossed illegally into the United States. Learn More:… Your Support of Independent Media Is Appreciated: Bitcoin- 1Nmcbook8TwAdtZHsMdVxRtjBnyrSArDH5 Bitcoin Cash- qzjvcvkfhzffcgc89mcnvuka0lljjuu4dvalrafmj0 My Other Youtube Channel- US child migrants: 2,000 separated from families in six...

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