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CONFIRMED: Google is actively censoring natural health websites to protect Big Pharma and destroy knowledge of natural medicine

NaturalNews CONFIRMED: Google is actively censoring natural health websites to protect Big Pharma and destroy knowledge of natural medicine Wednesday, June 13, 2018 by: Jayson Veley There’s a strong argument to be made that if iron-fisted tyranny ever comes to America, the statists in Silicon Valley will be leading the charge. These people (including workers at Facebook, Twitter, and especially Google) think nothing of undermining the United States Constitution and the freedom of speech in order to fulfill the Left’s twisted political agendas. Silicon Valley’s ongoing and seemingly unstoppable censorship of the Internet is, to a large extent, planting the...

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Artificial Intelligence Has X-Ray Vision And Can Now Watch You Through Walls

Forbes For the past decade, a team at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have been working on artificial intelligence (AI) x-ray vision. Today they announced The RF-Pose, technology that uses AI to teach wireless devices to track your movement through a wall.Check it out: Monitoring how we move could offer valuable feedback to medical providers about how patients suffering from illnesses like Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis (MS) are faring. It could also help elderly people who wish to age in their own homes and live independently, while still being monitored for injuries, falls and critical changes in...

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This AI Can Clone Any Voice, Including Yours [VIDEO]

Bloomberg Published on Jun 5, 2018 SUBSCRIBE 981K Journalist Ashlee Vance travels to Montreal, Canada to meet the founders of Lyrebird, a startup that is using AI to clone human voices with frightening precision. ———- Hello World is a Webby and Emmy-nominated video series from Bloomberg that invites the viewer to come on a journey across the globe to find the inventors, scientists and technologists shaping our future. Join journalist and best-selling author Ashlee Vance on a quest to find the freshest, weirdest tech creations and the beautiful freaks behind them. Watch more Hello World episodes: Bloomberg is the...

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How to Find Balance and Immunity from AI Shadow Beings

How to Exit the Matrix By Dane Arr I regularly search for information Prepare For Change light workers can resonate with as they work on the planet. What I have found below is excellent and it came from one of our members who found it very useful. It has instructions and invocations for Centering, Grounding, Shielding and Revoking of Consents. As always. use your discernment to choose what is best for you. What is key to know to stand up to the controllers as individuals: The Illuminati are well aware of Humanity’s potential to overcome their control. They have succeeded in controlling Humanity...

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New Study Finds No Evidence Having Sex With Robots Is Healthy

Science Alert   BEN GUARINO, THE WASHINGTON POST 5 JUN 2018 Sex sells, and robots are no exception. One of the most expensive consumer robots under development, a machine named Harmony, is a $15,000 union of silicone curves and silicon chips. Part of an estimated US$30 billion industry, Harmony has software that remembers birthdays and can quote Shakespeare, per the Guardian. Harmony is also equipped for intimate human-robot relations. Sex doll maker Realbotix, in its marketing materials, bills Harmony as “the perfect companion.” But healthy companionship is too bold a claim to make about sex robots, warn a pair...

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Apple Unveils Tool That Cuts You Off If You Spend Too Much Time on Your iPhone

Futurism   How’s this for counterintuitive? A smartphone maker wants you to use your smartphone less. Apple’s 2018 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) kicked off Monday morning with the keynote address from CEO Tim Cook. During the event, Cook unveiled iOS12, a new update to the operating system (OS) that runs on iPhones and iPads. And it will include features designed to get users to turn off their devices. iOS12 will be available for public beta testing later this month, and it should roll out to all users around September. Once they download the OS, users will have access to a new section called Screen Time, which contains...

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Social Media Strategy Documents, Department of State

The Black Vault Background In February of 2015, I requested the “social media strategy” from the Department of State. In December of 2017, they released 26 separate documents which I have combined into a single PDF for download below. Document Archive Social Media Strategy Documents, Department of State – Requested 2015 – Released December 2017 [198 Pages,...

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Talpiot Program: Database Terrorism for Israeli World Domination// Jeff Rense & Brendon O’Connell [w/ AUDIO]

VTJeffRense Talpiot Program: Database Terrorism for Israeli World Domination (updated) Unit 8200, the NSA is a joke in comparison By VT Senior Editors May 29, 2018 The Mueller investigation has turned from Russia to Israel.  Russia can’t run “troll farms,” nobody speaks English, while in Israel, for decades, US aid has financed troll farms that dominate Wikipedia and Facebook and fill comment boards around the world with smears and insults. Their targets?  Elon Musk who won’t turn his company over to them, George Soros, the world’s primary anti-Zionist who is continually smeared by IDF Unit 8200 as a “Zionist Jew,”...

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Crrow777Radio with Wayne Mcroy – Alchemy and 5G: Old Esoteric Ideas Secretly Married Modern Technology [AUDIO]

Crrow777 109 Old Esoteric Ideas Secretly Married Modern Technology – Wayne Mcroy May 24, 2018 I would like to wish you all a happy, healthy and higher minded year ahead. Full show posted for members at Crrow777Radio dot com The book from the guest:…...

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Five Years After Snowden, Michigan Set to Be First State to Impede NSA’s Warrantless Surveillance

WakeupWorld Five Years After Snowden, Michigan Set to Be First State to Impede NSA’s Warrantless Surveillance May 28th, 2018 By Whitney Webb Guest writer for Wake Up World In less than a month, a Michigan state law will take effect and ban any state or local government from aiding the government agency’s controversial program that gathers data on Americans in violation of the Fourth Amendment. On the heels of the fifth anniversary of whistleblower Edward Snowden’s disclosure of classified National Security Agency (NSA) documents to journalists, one state legislature has recently taken steps to hold the government agency accountable for its...

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I wish my mom’s phone wasn’t invented, 2nd graders write in school project

THV11 I wish my mom’s phone wasn’t invented, 2nd grader writes in school project I wish my mom’s phone wasn’t invented, 2nd grader writes Author: Ashley May, May 24, 2018 Second graders at a Louisiana school wish their parents would get off their phones. Elementary school teacher Jen Beason said four of her students told her they wished phones were never invented after giving the class a writing prompt. “I don’t like the phone because my [parents] are on their phone every day … I hate my mom’s phone and I wish she never had one,” one student wrote in a photo...

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Groups fight huge expansion of police drone monitoring of protests

Chicago Reader Civil liberties groups are pushing back against proposed legislation in Illinois that would allow police to dramatically expand the use of drones to monitor large gatherings of people and equip those drones with cameras with controversial facial recognition technology. The legislation, which amends a previous law limiting drone surveillance, passed the Illinois senate earlier this month. The changes would allow police to use drones at any “large-scale public event” of 100 or more people without a warrant. The changes would provide no limitations on the use drones to monitor political protests, religious gatherings, and other constitutionally protected...

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Prepare for Change Scientists are now inventing the “ultimate intelligent machine”, a computer which will beat man in every way. If the machine can outstrip man, then what is man? What are you? What is the future of man? If the machine can take over all the operations that thought does now, and do it far swifter, if it can learn much more quickly, if it can compete and, in fact, do everything that man can — except of course look at the beautiful evening star alone in the sky, and see and feel the extraordinary quietness, steadiness, immensity...

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Ancient Origins The study recently published in the journal Nature—titled Hybrid human–chicken embryos illuminate key developmental milestone—describes the revolutionary breakthrough as “A new technique reveals the earliest stages of human development without the need for human embryos.” A group of stem cell scientists has made an unprecedented accomplishment as they have successfully combined artificial human cells with the embryo of chickens, in a shocking scientific experiment that aims to understand better how life develops. Scientists had never before been able to understand and answer how specific cells in a developing human embryo arrange themselves to become muscles or libs, while...

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10 Creepy Ways Companies Collect Data For Targeted Ads

Listverse At this very moment, everything you are doing is being recorded. You are being watched by computer programs and cameras that are monitoring you everywhere you go, in ways the wildest conspiracy theorists wouldn’t have believed ten years ago. It’s worse than you think. You’re probably already aware that everything you do online is tracked, recorded, and sold to make better-targeted ads, but it goes way further than that. Companies in the business of selling your secrets are doing things that go way beyond 1984. You’re being monitored in ways Orwell never even imagined. 10Hospitals And Pharmacies Sell Your Medical Records...

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FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Linda Moulton Howe : THE Interview From AI to UFOs [AUDIO]

FadeToBlackRadio Ep. 860 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Linda Moulton Howe : THE Interview From AI to UFOs : LIVE May 23, 2018 Check out our LIVE show, Mon-Thursday 7pm PST at LMH and THE Interview… tonight we are doing it all: Artificial Intelligence dangers to Sasquatch, Animal Mutilations and UFOs to Whistleblower updates to the cosmic mystery of Fast Radio Bursts. Linda Moulton Howe is a graduate of Stanford University with a Master’s Degree in Communication. She has devoted her documentary film, television, radio, writing and reporting career to productions concerning science, medicine and the environment....

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Three Signs Google Is Turning to the Dark Side

Futurism Don’t be evil. Since 2000, this phrase has served as a motto-of-sorts for Google. It was even the first sentence in Google’s Code of Conduct  – emphasis on was. On Friday Gizmodo reported that, sometime near the end of April or the beginning of May, Google removed “don’t be evil” almost entirely from their Code of Conduct. It was only included once, in the very last sentence. This lack of inclusion might seem small, but it can also be seen as the latest sign that Google may be shifting its moral priorities. And given that the company now provides far more than just answers to our most important...

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This Upstate NY school district is adding facial recognition that can track students By Tribune News Service Next school year, Lockport schools will have in place the kind of security software used at airports, casinos and sensitive government installations. Facial recognition and tracking software will add an unprecedented level of security at the schools. District officials have decided locked entrance doors, bullet-proof glass and sign-in registers at the front desk are not enough. “We always have to be on our guard. We can’t let our guard down,” Lockport Superintendent Michelle T. Bradley said. “That’s the world that we’re living in. Times have changed. For the Board of Education and the Lockport City School District,...

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