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Here’s How It Works When Purchasing Karatbars

How It Works/ Purchase gold at Karatbars International

gift of goldPurchase your Karatbars gold cards easily, discreetly, and completely according to your wishes. 

Please Use the Sponsor Username: STEVEN MEADORS

Please Use the Sponsor Unique Karatbars ID Number: #96452591

You will receive a confirmation email with your username and password. After successful registration you can immediately log in with your username and password in your personal backoffice. By clicking on the button “KYC” you can now provide Know Your Client documentation. Please provide your ID to verify your identity and an invoice to verify your shipping address (electricity or telephone bill, which must not be older than 6 months) high. You will then be cleared for purchases within 24 hours.

1. Order – By clicking on the button “buy gold”, select the desired Purchase Option category and enter the desired purchase amount. Within a few minutes you may order your choice of Karatbars gold cards. Please use our information when filling out the Sponsor fields. This will support Divination Online and the myriad of Healing Projects, City of Light Projects, First Contact Projects, Alchemy Projects, and other administrative/organizational projects for the community – we are in the midst of researching and bringing these forth but we need help with funding and human resources! Thank you so much!

Please Use the Sponsor Username: STEVEN MEADORS

Please Use the Sponsor Unique Karatbars ID Number: #96452591

2. Confirmation – You will immediately receive an order confirmation from us by e-mail. (With the order confirmation is for both parties, a binding sales contract.) Prices are always up to date and will welcome calls for more details with the current exchange rates, published according to our price list, fixed binding. For credit card payment, the number of purchased gold bar is displayed in real time.

3. Transfer – For direct wires from your bank, please select “ Bank Transfer” . After you click this option a PDF file is generated with your user name and reference number. Please include your user name and reference number in the comment section form from your bank prior to wiring funds. The receiving bank information which you need to wire funds to are located in the PDF file list. If your country is not listed, please transfer funds to our Stuttgart, Germany branch.

4. Receipt of Payment – Once your payment has been received and confirmed, you will see the purchase in your back office. Log into your back office with your login details. Under the heading, “Gold Account”, please select “Account Summary” or “Transaction History” you will see your gold purchase order displayed and confirmed.

5. Packaging – Your gold is packaged with the 4-eye principle. Karatbars are counted and packaged under video surveillance and shipped securely.

6. Delivery – As soon as your order is processed and proceeds to dispatch you receive a shipping confirmation email. The shipping confirmation includes a tracking number that allows you check the delivery status, online, with the appropriate logistics company. The goods are insured and sent out in neutral packing. Discretion is our priority. Fedex is the preferred mode of shipping.

Karatbars gold Bars, quality and value guaranteed

Karatbars GmbH gold bars are characterized by both easily recognized premium quality and highly skilled craftsmanship. We pride ourselves in working only with gold refineries that are listed under the “London Good Delivery”.

All Karatbars 1 gram Gold bars are:

1. Certificated and laminated with UV protective film.
2. Stamped with a valid trademark.

Karatbars goldbars guarantee value stability and serve as a means of financial security in tough economic times. They can also be used as a method of payment and means of exchange.

Even in times of strong financial and economic independence, it is always important to buy small units of our Karatbars 1 gram bullion in order to secure your own future capital.

Country gold cards are collector items

The Karatbars International is selling gold in over 120 countries around the world.
For this reason, we will produce different country cards. You can collect them or give as a present.

Benefits of our country editions:

– Great popularity
– Stable value
– Uniqueness makes it a nice gift

See our editions under country cards in the shop area.

Karatbars collector cards

Gold is a sought-after collector’s item for thousands of years. But gold in the form of collector cards can be found worldwide still very rare.

We want to revolutionize the market over the next several months and produce limited editions to give you an incentive to look at gold from a different angle.

Upcoming editions in the future:

1. Country Maps
2. Event Cards
3. Cards of famous people
4. Event Tickets

All special editions are limited.

Benefits of our collector cards:

– Limited quantities
– Highly coveted by collectors
– Stable value

For special occasions Karatbars International GmbH offers you the possibility to give away a unique present. If for wedding, birthdays, christmas or simply to say “I Love You“. Therefore we developed our special cards.

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