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Author: Sandi

Testimonial – ‘I have a better understanding’ from Patricia

I thank you and Prime Creator for today’s session. I’m grateful for all the work that has been completed for me. Your conversation has opened my eyes to many things that I was unaware of. Alexandra, I too love you very much.  Thank you for all that you do.  You are appreciated!! I’m getting very excited about this quantum entanglement healing.  In the beginning I didn’t even now what this term meant.  Now I have a better understanding and can see and feel the benefits in all areas of my life. For next week, unless there is another subject/area...

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Testimonial – ‘The transformation is subtle but I feel different’ from Patricia

Thank you, Alexandra and Prime Creator for today’s awesome healing.  The transformation is subtle but I feel different.  I feel lighter.  I feel more connected to both of you.  Yes, including you Prime Creator.  I know that I’m still releasing because since our session, I have had several times today where I was crying.  Crying has always been a great indicator for me where I am cleansing, releasing, transforming, transmuting.  I love it!  This is great!! Prime Creator, thank you for your great love for me.  I’m so grateful. Sending everyone at Divination Online much Love and Light!...

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Testimonial – ‘that lovely, grounded feeling of relief’ from Melinda

I’m just dropping you a line to say thank you – purely because I’ve enjoyed and resonated with so many of your videos. So often I’ve listened and felt that lovely, grounded feeling of relief that someone is talking in a language, energetically and in the topics discussed, that I can feel at home in. I really appreciate the contributions you make, through your work, to the spiritual community. Wishing good things to you and to those you hold dear....

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March Promotion

MARCH IS PET MONTH! All the animals are going through the ascension process! Our pets need our help and support because they too are feeling the effects of the shifts happening on planet earth. We have put together some special promotions especially for our beloved pets and their human companions, to synergistically enhance our connection, groundedness and focus on where we’re headed. We are offering you an opportunity to support your pet(s) in a very special way with the Pet Implant Removal Process, Soul Alignment and DNA Activation at reduced prices for 30 days from 13 March to 11...

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Brilliance in Commerce – Financial Sovereignty and Abundance Creation

TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR FINANCIAL FREEDOM! Scroll down for the affiliate links! Listen to Alexandra Meadors interview Taansen Fairmont HERE: Alexandra Meadors and Taansen Fairmont Part 1 Alexandra Meadors and Taansen Fairmont Part 2 Another outstanding interview by Alexandra Meadors! Taansen Fairmont doesn’t just articulate the path of financial sovereignty clearly and beautifully – he more importantly lays out the golden signposts that are legally available to attain that sovereignty – here and now. Some of the most important topics covered are the different types of trusts, the importance of language, and how simple the process of transforming ourselves...

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Testimonial – ‘An experience beyond my expectations!’ from Sam

Hi Alexandra! So needless to say taking your essences has been an experience beyond my expectations! The first day I took them I felt some deep energetic things going on in my body, a lot of tingly sensations and vibrations going on places I have never felt before. Two days later I had an interesting experience at work and all day I felt pretty tired and I had trouble keeping my eyes open. That one felt like I had gone through a very deep clearing and broke down some deep barriers. What I have been doing most of the...

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Testimonial – ‘Keep kickin butt’ from Matt

Alexandra and all at Divination Online, You all are upping the ante on the Daily Alternative news. Thank you for that, keep kickin butt! I was enjoying Alba Weinman’s hypnosis session videos over the winter, and seeing one included really hit home:) We’re on the same team, probably time for me to send a donation or buy a product/service from you, support the cause and all. Cheers,...

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Testimonial – ‘the alchemy kit was a blessing’ from Celia

Hello to all All around me I feel constantly a dynamic shift upon us and the alchemy kit was a blessing to help keep me grounded in my own unique Divine self. Love is the harmony and life is love and I do feel more liberated along my path.  The Breaking Matrix essence is helping my magnificent being healthier and to being totally transformed. I don’t think there is no right or wrong only choice and that’s what’s coming AND thank God we made it !! I am taking the Matrix Breaking patterns first and I’m being consistent.  I will start the Letting go...

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Testimonial – ‘become more aware of myself on a galactic level’ from Brenda

I began working with Alexandra January 2018. I waited to write my testimonial until I began seeing results. When we work together, I have noticed shifts in myself. I work in sales (my first retail job) and would always manifest; however, my sales are increasing which I am thrilled to report since I began working with her. Also, I have become more aware of myself on a galactic level, and with this process I’m releasing Ancient Implants from my total being. I wasn’t aware this could be carried over lifetime after lifetime – and she zeros in immediately what...

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Testimonial – ‘we’re almost about to give birth and it’s the last push’ from Celia

There are no words to describe the  meaning and profoundness of these essences but I feel like they are me as if they are like me and in me. So much Intel lately is beyond anything I have ever received. All my life I have felt a certain uneasiness about my incarnation into this life with the family I came into but I always kept that to myself.  Since 2017 and late 2016 I have felt like I have been living in a movie scene and playing out the scene. It’s so very difficult to explain this paranormal life of mine but I...

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Testimonial – ‘I resonate with that message’ from Jim

Thank you For being a channel for PC. I resonate with that message So many people are walking in AI And being programmed. So many people are conniving like they did in the beginning and try to walk over our soul. I’ve been suicidal for a while but I Understand why so much More from that message, they’re trying to destroy us. Would you ask PC next visit About the lamb slain from the foundation of this freewill experience. Was that really a safety net to allow us to experience separation from source or was that their savior God...

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Testimonial- ‘All who heard your voice were healed’ from Katherine

Welcome home dear one I was guided to anoint myself with the “going home” essence this morning I just spent this afternoon w/you & the PC message under beautiful oaks lining our deep creek – leading out to the Magothy Bay & onto the great Chesapeake Bay I must say the blue herons & egrets & All who heard your voice were healed We love you here May you continue to be richly blessed Tenderness Thank you...

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URGENT: A Compelling Message from Prime Creator, Love #5, Sector of Creation on September 21, 2017 PLEASE NOTE: ~This video has multiple healing frequencies from the love lineage, including Prime Creator, Love, Jesus, Sananda, Ashtar, Alcyone #1, Alcyone #3, and Alcyone #5, etc. ~You will receive healing every single time you play this video. ~Listening to this once will take ten days to process. ~It will continue to peel away the layers of density for all who listen. Q & A with Prime Creator Alexandra: Good afternoon PC. I understand that this is your final message to the world...

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